Black, White and Grey!

Ever had a blind wish? A wish that had no eyes to see its surroundings, no eyes to see the walls where it had grown, no understanding of being right or wrong, no fear of going against the tide, no scale of plausibility, no anxiety of being judged, no other wish to be compared with… Continue reading Black, White and Grey!

Esoteric Soul.

Are you certain that the path upon which you place your feet every day is true to the soul and its intentions? Do you have a beacon of guiding light in your life? Are you sure about the actions you take every day? Are you certain, every time you take a decision? I envy all… Continue reading Esoteric Soul.

What dispenses enthusiasm and motivation, in you!?

In last few months, the thought of accomplishing my non-materialistic goals or rather desires has crossed my mind several times; quarter-life crisis might be one of the reasons! (just might be) Writing blogs is one of these desires. And the reason for this - I am more expressive when I bring my thoughts on paper… Continue reading What dispenses enthusiasm and motivation, in you!?