Try anyway.

Love thyself – all the virtues, all the vices

Allow yourself to breathe, slow down, relax

Allow yourself to fail

Allow yourself to feel elated, happy, sad, angry

Allow yourself to feel lost

But, Love thyself anyway.

Spread the love

Don’t just fall in love, choose to love

Care and take care

Not just when the sky is clear, even when the storm hits

No conditions, No boundaries

Pour your heart out

Feel vulnerable

Feel rejection, failure, fear

But, Love anyway.

Dream beyond logic, beyond capabilities

Have doubts

Interrogate yourself, learn unlearn

Have a reset button

Slow down and rethink

Dare, take the plunge

Cross that bridge, take a leap of faith, fail

But, Move forward anyway.

Dream anyway.

Listen to yourself, speak your mind

Acknowledge your thoughts

Broaden your horizons, be open to change

Listen, Compromise, Apologize, Forgive

Experience love, experience pain

Empathy, Sympathy, Apathy

Hold, Let go, Move On

Feel every feeling in the effing Book

But, Be yourself anyway.

If you are waiting for someone to change your life, no one can, and no one shall. If you’re waiting for the self-confidence in the form, you’d been told you needed, it won’t come.

If you’re still waiting for the right time, it won’t come. If you are waiting for the validation, you would still be waiting – uncertain, overeager and anxious.

The uncomfortable truth is that, had I waited for 100% self-confidence to kick-in, I wouldn’t have done most of the things I actually did – First blog post, solo trips, public recitals, switching jobs, and a lot more.

In retrospect, I needed no guarantees (sure I hoped for it) that success would meet me on the other side of the leap. Self-confidence meant being sure. I wasn’t. I wanted to try!

I gave myself all the permission to try, experience and be open to life.

And today, instead of seeing someone trying to hack some form of innate greatness and badassery, I see a girl, who, with doubt and all, decided to step forward anyway.

4 thoughts on “Try anyway.”

  1. Awesome writing, straight from the heart. Life is truly unpredictable. Inspite of all the challenges life throw at you- when you decided to take a leap, when you decided to embrace all the hardships but not let them change you, when you decided to anyways cherish the beautiful feelings this life and the world around you has to offer- then you know girl- you lived your life the way it is meant to be. You did not let life control you like the pieces of chess but you controlled everything about it. You made your life great and you made it all- on your own. Proud of you 🙂 .

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