Personal Oasis

I stare at the sky,
Bed of stars, a bead of twinkling light passing by.
It’s a soothing low light,
Where you can dwell in your own heart and its sight.
Sight of things surrounding your life;
People you praise, situations you revile.

Have I been too busy lately?
Giving up on, all my frailties!
Have I lost myself to the pack of city dwellers?
Have I failed to attend all my desires?

The mind wants to shut all the extraneous noises around;
The heart wants to enjoy just the soothing sound.
The mind wants to emerge from all the corporate boxes;
The heart wants to create a personal oasis.

A place and time where I am not alone,
Good books, good thoughts, positive energy galore!
A kind of courage possessed by few,
I need a journal and protracted periods of solitude!

And when I want to interrupt my inward dive,
I want to shake up my social life.
People around, those in good faith;
Al fresco dinners, chats and a lot of debate.

And then give me a ride with the souls I don’t know,
New hobbies, new philosophies, new dimensions to explore.
Give me a ride into the uncharted woods,
Let me shed all my hoods.

That I believe, get your soul evolving;
Ever improving, ever ascending!

That I believe leads to one’s ideological osmosis;
And in a desert, you create a personal oasis.

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