Black, White and Grey!

Ever had a blind wish? A wish that had no eyes to see its surroundings, no eyes to see the walls where it had grown, no understanding of being right or wrong, no fear of going against the tide, no scale of plausibility, no anxiety of being judged, no other wish to be compared with – just its own wings to reach where it wanted to! Think.

More often than not, we talk about morality, our limitations, our value system – a system which was inherited, not self-designed or self-structured. Read that again. Many will disagree here!

But, after a quarter spent here (assuming would make it to century, with a smirk face, haha!), minds I have interacted with, inherited their walls and the generations just keep changing the paint from outside. (I wanted to use the word ‘soul’ instead of ‘mind’ but it strikes that often many a soul is not the sole authority – including myself)  

My question is why don’t we break those walls and construct our own – using our own mortar, own bricks and own paint, keeping the roots same. The roots or the foundation need to be same here – I agree with that and vouch for it at the same time – as it gives you a base to understand all the chaos outside, to deal with all different possibilities, different perspectives; something to hold on to if you ever feel emotionally conflicted or being morally dissected. But why, who have the privilege to reconstruct the walls, don’t do so? (including me) Why we limit the dimensions of the windows of our minds?

I read somewhere – Liberals are those who change their stand when the facts change. And exactly!

That is why the walls need to be broken time to time, the outlook has to change as per the time, the notion of right or wrong being carried all the way since eternity need to be put down. Just a book with its cover needs to be passed on, with all blank pages.

Even if we need not want to be called as liberal, but at the least, don’t we want to appear truthful to ourselves when we face the mirror?

Respond to every call that excites your spirit! ~ Rumi

Why we need to categorise our wishes, our aspirations, our deeds as black, white or grey. Why at all?  (readers need not confuse these with any legal or illegal actions, the idea is otherwise) Why can’t we bare all our emotions, all our wishes in front of the world? Why do we need to keep each one of them on a different pedestal before publishing them? Why do we need to evaluate the audience every time? Why do we fear the vulnerability of getting exposed?

Are we waiting for the world to start making sense of all the aspirations we have? Are we waiting for all the wishes that are serene tides at this point in time to turn into ravaging waves? Are we waiting to explode or implode by keeping so much within ourselves? OR Do we want all that to remain in dark and be taken to our graves?

Will we forever be struggling between fantasy and reality? How long shall we allow our minds to stutter time to time? When shall be our souls be the sole authority of themselves?

An authority which will decide what’s wrong and what’s right; which will decide do we even need those white or black or grey boxes; which will decide its own norms.

And here the ‘we’ – are they just a handful!? I’m sure not! Otherwise, this world would have been a much happier place!

Ahead is a difficult and uncharted path. But a step forward is required so that, the song in the background and the heart, beat to the same beat. As when they do, there’s nothing more you want. Nothing more the heart can contain.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field. I will meet you there. ~ Rumi

The gift or curse of choice will always be there – choice to remain within the cage or explore the unsaid, undone; cost will always be involved, pain and suffering will always be a part. Crossroads will always remain in fashion.

You have to seek a life which you desire and not travel the road which you got by design!