So Much, So Less..

In the last few hours of the past year, in a corner of a small balcony sitting on my bean bag, feeling that winter breeze, deep into my thoughts, I was witnessing the sky, which was maroon few hours back – turned into neon pink and then slowly into majestic purple. The birds had already huddled with their loved ones. The red orb of the sun had sunk into the horizon. Had it been any other day, it would have been complete silence on this dark wintery night – but not tonight; it was 31st of December. I could hear the music (read noise) from all around and then the sound of silence inside me –  peace with my inner self for the year that was just about to end. It felt like, after long hiatus, this was the year when I pushed myself, took that plunge and even surprised myself at times. But, on a larger picture it is still less, much is left and it’ll always be. As they say – Life is a journey, have milestones but not destinations!

This 31st of December was different from the earlier ones. The past year was different from the earlier ones. I have grown into a different person. I have learned to enjoy my own company even more – the importance of time which you give to yourself.

2015 has taught me to invest in myself, in my dreams. It made me understand how vital it is to invest in yourself and your soul rather than your closet.


This past year has given me my first solo trip (Udaipur – City of Lakes), my first sketch (here), my first blog (here), and a couple of more ‘firsts’. It has given me so much; but it is still less if I open up my list of desires, as Aristotle has rightly said – ‘It is the nature of desire not to be satisfied, and most men live only for the gratification of it’.

I realize, though it was less, it has for sure open up a gateway for upcoming years – it has ignited my soul, it has given me the courage to bring life to my dreams, to stand up for my own self and to take that larger than life leap of faith!


For me, this past year has been mostly about accomplishing my non-materialistic desires. I have decided to stop waiting for that ‘perfect moment’ and realized there is no such thing. Don’t let your circumstances define you. When you feel that push, that magnetic energy bringing you toward something – you need to encash that energy!

So, this first morning of 2016, when I woke up in the stronghold to watch the sunrise – the air felt fresh and new, a gentle breeze caressed my skin. The golden light ignited the birds into the chorus of melodies. This morning brought with itself a message for me – ‘No excuse is good enough to put off your dreams. You take that huge, giant jump; the free fall might be scary but is also beautiful at the same time!’

I hope to abide by it, in 2016 and beyond!

After all, “This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time!”  (Tyler Durden, Fight Club)

5 thoughts on “So Much, So Less..”

  1. I just fluttered through the post once and then again..Could easily feel every bit that’s hidden beneath the words…
    Life is a journey, have milestones but not destinations! 🙂

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